17 November 2014

Wavo Bowlo too.

Haiku prolixia.

Swallows swirling in a swaying sky,
Yachts creak on moorings of rust, 
Lycra clad grunts on swathes of green, and
"Howzat?" intruding from far off fields.
' I declare that I reside outside a 5 km radius of this club ...'
Do we sign? 
Alan, master of the barefoot bowls, knoweth all mysteries here:
sliced white, espresso, doily, egg, teapot, ditch and jack.
Spiritual direction and art non-appreciation are our fare, 
for gods would be present too.
Thing achieved.

Bob 15.11.14 

Wavo Bowlo

Since early days.
Time, toast and labradors.
Bob and me.
Talking, laughing.
Throat singing.
Iambic pentametre melts on tinfoil.
Tea grows colder.
We grow older.
Than we were. 
I am an author!

Fiona 15.11.14

09 November 2014

Capitalism; the price of freedom

This was a Sunday morning's musing. Why do so many of my friends hate capitalism? It is in a large part what is responsible for their prosperity and freedom, even if it is harsh and impersonal. Why not just treat it as a thing. An inevitable consequence of the responsibility of the luxury of choice.

 Hell capitalism's infuriating indifference to our fate is the price we have to pay for having freedom of choice. It seems that many of us are not prepared to pay that price. They rail against it and plot its demise perhaps not realising that they are undermining the delicate fabric of freedom as they do so. Or am I wrong?

04 November 2014

The greatest achievment in history

Yes. That's what this is being hailed as.

Well, at least as the kind of achievement in history you've never heard of, since most of us have at least heard of Western Civilization and many of us (though we could now be a minority) still think that it is a pretty impressive achievement.

So what's all the non-fuss about? See below.  

Warning there is a terrible "C" word used that educated people in the West are taught to despise.


Extreme poverty fell to 15% in 2011, from 36% in 1990. 

Credit goes to the spread of Capitalism.



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