27 June 2008

The first thread in the realm of threalm

Welcome to the world of threalming. "Threalming" is the conscious crafting of your life.

The verb "to threalm" means to consciously craft your life.
The noun "threalm" is a thread of thought or action created and used for threalming, by "threalmers".

Blogging is clearly a species of threalming; hence these first tentative steps. Some people prefer to threalm by jogging, others by snogging, grogging, opposing logging or just sitting, staring and remote hogging.

Threalming itself is neither good nor bad, though each of us do form views about good, bad or neutral threalms. But to be a true threalm, a thread has to be a self-consciously chosen course of action or thought, that is understood by the threalmer, when carried out, to be a life crafting event or process. This word can't just be conveniently appropriated and foisted on to your existing habits or modes of thinking, unless there has been an actual conscious affirmation by the threalmer that the habit or thought process is part of your chosen craft of living.

Is the world ready for threalming? Do we need a new word to encapsulate the concept of the the way each of us consciously chooses to live our life? Many would say no. Not anyway in the guise of the word "threalm"; for surely many philosophers, spiritual shamans and self-help gurus have already fully articulated and defined some related, if not nearly identical, concept already, under different names through the millenia of civilzation and the milliseconds of the blogoshere.

Yes, but even so, this is to be my little effort to give this curious perspective focussing concept, a new name, a playful neologism, (that hopefully may also be an agenbite), so that it can be discussed more readily, argued about and enjoyed.

I hope you are able to plunge in and enjoy the unknown twists and turns of semantic choreography and chaos that this ill-planned journey into the absurdities of meaning and living and threalming, might yet deliver.


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Bob Goldie said...

Using socks to make puppets can be amusing, briefly, but only to infants and speculative semantic entrepreneurs.