03 September 2008

Beyond the rainbow: yet another Dorothy?

Who's Judy Garland now ? Barack or Sarah ?

Phew! And I thought the Democratic primary race was a blast. Following the hopeful innocent along the winding road with scruffy dogs, straw men and the heartless, whilst battling a wicked witch, to his ultimate nomination, became an almost undreamed of adventure for us rubes in the 'sphere.

But now, incredibly, another Dorothy with ruby slippers has dropped out of the sky in a hurricane and rudely intruded on our dream. And it looks like she may have finally killed off that wicked witch too. You couldn't script this, even in Oz. But it is becoming a tad confusing. Who is the real Judy Garland now?

This whole identity thing has become very messy, but what a spectacle to behold. It seems improbable now that the world could just go on supporting kindly grey haired old white guys hiding behind curtains. But who can predict anything anymore in populist politics.

This US presidential election could just be the best Olympics ever! Roll on November.

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