30 October 2008

Ascendancy of the "Half-blood Prince"

A story of O

If you remain curious about this still opaque individual who seems imminently to become the leader of the free world, you might want to go to the link below (Hat tip: Eric Falkenstein) to peruse and ponder a detailed third party account of his personality and proclivities.

PDF Format

It is a free 240 page self published online PDF written by a conservative US journalist named Steve Sailer .

My initial browsing of it for about an hour found it a sympathetic if unfiltered telling of Obama the man, based mostly on O’s first autobiography: “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”. It seems refreshingly non PC and direct on racial issues.

I am linking to this interesting tract now ahead of next week’s election because there seems to be some unfulfilled appetite for real attempts at discovering the character of this emerging potentate. It at least gives us an opportunity to focus on something other than the deluge of bilge from US news anchors and ecstatic or rancorous media commentators, who will bombard us in coming days (when we are not watching the Bledisloe, Derby or Melbourne Cup). You can thereby try to distance yourself from seeing this momentous event solely through the prism of the current mono-focused partisan agenda of the world’s media.

Otherwise just enjoy the incomparable week of drama that now lies in store.

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