13 January 2009

11 impolitic but plausible thoughts

1. Australia is culturally as American as Alaska, Hawaii or Oregon.

2. Most rich people are dumb.

3. Most poor people here are doing just fine.

3. Popularity measures one of the least important aspect of things.

4. The financial meltdown is the market working.

5. Democracy is a crap system of government. (admittedly also the least crap one available)

6. Obama's policies will be pretty much the same as W's.

7. People who succeed in exams are self selecting as conformist followers.

8. Political cunning is a characteristic of a person who should not be elected.

9. Religion is a powerful force for good.

10. Humans choose pedestrian leaders because they prefer reverse dominance hierarchies.

. 11. People who make lists of things they think are impolitic are delusional sociopaths.

(Lid dip: Jaltcoh)

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