24 February 2009

Labor to fell old growth forests in Victoria

ALP considers tree preservation adverse to people's housing needs

The Victorian State Government appears to be seriously considering the idea that it may not be in the best interests of Victorians to have their housing and development planning being determined by environmental activists and conservationists. The Age, the Victorian outpost of Fairfax Media's plantation of green left enabling sheltered workshops, reports today (lid dip to Tim Blair) that:

LAWS governing the clearing of native vegetation are under review as part of the Brumby Government's response to the bushfire crisis. ... Ideas have included transferring responsibility for managing native vegetation in areas zoned for housing from the Department of Sustainability and Environment to the Department of Planning and Community Development....About 2000 homes were destroyed in the bushfire disaster. "We need to make sure that they treat native vegetation differently in areas approved for building," ...

So maybe I wasn't completely barking up the wrong tree in my post last week where I fulminated about the reckless loss of life caused by bad strategic Government planning in semi-rural Victoria. But I could, as usual, be getting a little ahead of myself. This is politics we're talking about. And this is the Victorian ALP. So the words spoken are unlikely to translate into any substantive actions by the Government, only the customary populist cosmetic bromides for consumption by superficial or dishonest journalists, who seemingly have no capacity or desire to hold anyone with responsibility to account, when they share their master's political allegiance.

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