25 May 2009

Labor buggers it up, yet again.

That's a headline which Fairfax publications seem unable to use no matter how severe the provocation from incompetent Labor Governments around Australia for any length of time . They have never found cause to say that, or anything remotely like it, even once about the fantastically incompetent 12 year old "New" Labour government in the UK. We have wall to wall Labor governments in Australia, other than in WA, with equally spectacular levels of incompetence, as Gordon Brown, yet will Fairfax seriously hold any of these Labor governments to account?

Let's look briefly at some of the items available just from today's online news services that could easily justify such a banner headline:

SMH 25/5/09: Labor PM Rudd interferes personally in diplomatic appointments, preventing important international postings being filled for extended periods.

SMH 25/5/09: Labor PM Rudd engages in publicity stunts to fool the electorate into believing he is doing something useful.

The Australian 25/5/09: Labor Government accused yesterday of "shamefully implementing a discriminatory policy''

Daily Telegraph 25/5/09: Thousands of ordinary families have lost their jobs and their homes under the Labor Government as the recession begins to bite.

Australian 25/5/09: Labor PM Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan have been criticised for avoiding the use of "billion'' .

SMH 25/5/09: Labor politicises the office of Governor General with lobbying for UN Security Council seat.

SMH 25/5/09: NSW Labor announces with yet another half-baked rail project and it again conflicts with its previous rail infrstructure announcement.

The Australian 25/5/09: Unions demand Labor PM Rudd dump his plan to lift the pension eligibility age .

Courier Mail 25/5/09: Senior Queensland Labor MP has doled out taxpayer cash to family and friends.

Herald Sun 25/5/09: Victorian Labor Government preside over waiting lists for public housing of 36,000 needy Victorian families.

There are just 10 articles I have selected and linked in the last 20 minutes from today's press. Each is consistent with a meta news analysis that Labor is currently incompetent at governing the Nation. Labor holds office in 7 of the 8 provincial governments and is in power at the Federal Government level.

So what are the opinion pieces in the Fairfax press about today? Government incompetence ? No that would be reporters doing their job. No they've decided that the story of the day for comment is the Federal Opposition. And not because of anything that's like actually happened or anything. It' s just about what Fairfax would like the Opposition to be doing, you know, supporting the Government, just like Fairfax does. They truly are that arrogant.

Phil Coorey, the official Kevin Rudd publicist and apologist at the SMH, has a go at the Opposition Family Affairs spokesman, Tony Abbott for being a troglodite and not helping Turnbull on climate policy issues. Michelle Gratton gives Opposition Leader Turnbull some sternly worded and quite direct Fairfax advice on how he should configure the Opposition carbon emission policy. And for free too (no agenda there of course). And today's lead SMH Editorial preaches: "As it struggles to resolve deep internal divisions, the Liberal Party risks short-changing Australia as it attempts to delay the scheme for narrow political ends."

It is fair to ask just whose narrow political ends the SMH is seeking to promote by taking such a shallow partisan position on such a spectacularly complex and difficult policy issue. This is especially so when the only real urgency in this lies with the perception of political credibility for the Australian Labor Party's in defending its premature, reckless and highly compromised ETS regime, for the sole purpose of jockeying for cheap and unimportant moral high ground at a UN climate talkfest later this year in Copenhagen. The world is in a financial crisis and a deep recession. The accelerated introduction of massive micro-economic cost increases on Australian industry during such an economic slowdown is not stimulative to our economy, no matter how much the SMH's editorial board might wish it were so. Imposing tax or permit burdens on industry will slow any recovery. To suggest otherwise, as the SMH seems to, is a spectacular denial of economic reality.

The SMH's level of economic ignorance is so profound that they are even prepared to use the analogy in their Leader today of the success of tarriff reductions in the eighties as a reason to embrace the imposing of a brand new form of carbon emmission tarriff on our industries now. Go figure how these intellectual giants justified to each other that piece of rhetorical lunacy in their group think editorial committee room.

Love makes you blind. And the Fairfax press loves Labor. But they love believing that they have a moral mission to stop Global Warming even more. I bet you didn't know that the floods in Northern New South Wales this past week, and the bush fires in Victoria and the drought on the Monaro (but not the filling of Lake Eyre) were all caused by Australia not having an ETS. Well that's how the SMH editorial would have it today. How could any honest and engaged thinker trying to make sense of this complex issue be expected to take such outrageously inflammatory and wildly inaccurate statements seriously?

Truly the Fairfax press now sees itself as having a sacred duty to carry water for the Labor Party cause and its own self appointed passion for the cause of government meddling in private wealth generation. It no longer has any sense that it has a responsibility to hold Governments of the day to account whatever their political stripe. Its now sees its role is to prevent the Australian Labor Party getting any bad press it thinks it does not deserve by diverting its readers attention to the non-problems of the non-government parties.

The Fairfax press has become ethically bankrupt because it has found a moral mission for itself. It believes that because it has the higher moral purpose of preventing runaway global warming from greenhouse gas build up in the Earth's atmosphere, it can sacrifice any role it may have had in being a fair conduit for information and a forum for balanced debate in a democracy. It now seems to have unapologetically adopted a partisan political agenda and no longer sees itself as having any other societal responsibility than its over-riding mission.

Curiously when confronted with this proposition Fairfax denies it. Their journalists now behave like the slimy politicians with a cause that they themselves have become: never concede an obvious adverse point lest it weaken your political advantage. Fairfax has effectively become Labor's Pravda. It now seems impossible to hope that someone in that organisation can show the leadership and moral integrity to give them back their sense of ethical duty to perform their role as an independent fourth estate, not some ardent promulgator of their personal belief systems. At present that would be just too un-cool for the de rigueur intellectually hip post-modern urban cat posture that Fairfax staffers must adopt: everyone believes in AGW you know, no one could comfortably work at Fairfax if they openly held a sceptical position on this.

And meanwhile the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is even worse. Taxpayers pay to be fed a constant diet of its pro-Labor and pro global-warming morality propaganda. But my beefs about Tony Jones' blatantly unfair treatment of Opposition politicians, Kerry O'Brien's outrageously soft ball treatment of Labor Government ministers, and the ABC newsroom's permanent selection bias in choosing news stories favourable to Labor and negative to the Opposition whereever possible will, mercifully for you, have to wait for another day.


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