04 June 2009

The "Third Way" leads to purgatory

Warning: The current state of the UK is where feel good populist politics built on "clever" media management, rather than "good" policy, takes a nation.

Brown looks like he will imminently be just a short skidmark on the surface of the body politic of Britain: a Prime Minister who not only never had an electoral mandate, but who never even led his party into an election at all. After 12 years of New Labour cleverness, Britain is a complete mess economically and culturally. Character matters. If politics becomes only about winning by appeasing the noisest special interest pleaders and serviceing the appetites of the parasites on power, the body politic loses. Leadership really is about taking tough decisions in the nation's interest. If courage becomes a dirty word in politics then the nation those politics serve becomes cowardly.

What chance the opinion leaders who will get published in the mainstream Australian and US media will even acknowledge this salutory lesson in the midst of their current passionate embrace of Kev and the Obama One? Buckley's.

We are destined under this current batch of over confident intellectually bankrupt leftists to go down the same path, to the same amorphous amoral yet sanctimonious, economically stagnant pit that the UK has shown us that clever post modern progressive politics inevitably takes us.

Get governments out of the way. Whilst governments have their uses they are limited: a social security safety net for the vulnerable, security of the nation, developing targeted transport and communications infrastructure, and fostering trade. Other than for this public servants and public funded projects simply suck wealth out of the community, leaving it poorer and less resilient. Good governing isn't about the grandness of schemes for the community. It's about getting out of the way of communities self organising to acheive their self defined objectives.

More smart people in our society need to step up a notch in their meta-context perceptions of their roles and contributions and recognise that their aspirations for taxpayer funded pet projests are most likely detrimental to the common good, no matter how much those projects are loved. Let them self fund. Let them find mechanisms to foster risk capital for private projects. Let them communicate and persuade with performance and inspiration.

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