16 August 2009

Anthropogenic tectonic plate shift alert

Outcomes from computer modelling of continental drift by scientists working for internationally accredited organisations have recently revealed yet another imminent threat to the world we live in from industrialised society: Anthropogenic Continental Drift .

It is now plain that the millions of drill holes oil & gas and mining corporations have sunk into the Earth's crust to search for or exploit fossil fuels, minerals and metals over recent centuries, have now accumulated to such an extent that they seriously imperil the delicate balance of the Earth's tectonic plates by undermining their geological stabilty.

The consequences of this folly could be devastating: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, sea level rises, civil disorder, community dislocation, habitat destruction, property damage and loss of confidence in government.

We must do something. Now. If we sit back and do nothing about this we, and our children and our children's children, are doomed . The rate of drift will inevitably accelerate bringing untold catastrophe ever closer with every new hole that's drilled into the Earth's crust. The reckless pursuit of wealth by capitalists in the West who continue to seek to mine our planet's natural resources for their own enrichment, is undermining our very existence.

We need a United Nations resolution calling for a moratorium on all drilling in Western nations now. To settle for anything less would be a moral travesty of the highest order.

Lid dip: The People's Cube.

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