24 June 2010

Rudd: another "greatest moral challenge" victim

Kevin Rudd was right. Climate Change has been "the greatest moral challenge of our time".

First Malcolm lost the Liberal leadership trying to lead his party into a path of challenging the climate. Now Kevin has lost the Prime Ministership for being seen to avoid leading his party into challenging it.

So can Julia Gillard now survive the change challenge?

Or will Tony Abbott get away with evading the challenge ?

The political climate sure seems to be a'changin' at present anyway.

What with the recent demise of Gordon Brown in the UK and with the coming mid-terms in the US in November, there is much to chew on in all sorts of places. Then, as well as the Australian federal election sometime in the next 6 or 7 months, there's the NSW and Victorian State elections looming as well. It is going to be an interesting 12 months.

And amidst all this colour and movement in Canberra today, is Obama's replacement, in Washington overnight, of his hand picked commander in the Afghanistan theatre, General Stanley McCrystal, with General David Petraeus. Are we seeing here the inadvertent fostering of Obama's eventual nemesis? If Petraeus does execute a successful Afghanistan strategy over the next couple of years, as he did in Iraq, then he could become an almost unstoppable force as a Presidential candidate. But if Petraeus fails in Afghanistan then Obama and the US fail with him.  For once, however, it seems to have been the right thing to do, so maybe this executive green-horn has finally made a good decision for his nation, rather than his his own self interest.


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