09 September 2010

Questions on degrees of stupidity

What is stupider than being stupid while calling other people stupid?

Nice question. It was put by Ann Althouse after reading this piece of stupidity from progressive US commentator Jonathan Chait in The New Republic, whilst he sought to ridicule as stupid an economic recovery proposal put forward by the Republican governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels:
A proposal that seems remotely close to reality will be widely praised, as if we were watching a person with severe disabilities manage to finish a race. Wow, look at that! You have a plan! With numbers! Hooray for you!
Yeah. Wow. Just how stupid is that? This sanctimonious galah apparently feels so morally superior that he could not even contemplate that whilst carefully crafting these acerbic words he could also be caught in the act of transgressing a sacred tenet of the Talibanic moral code of political correctness: thou shalt not to be seen to belittle minorities or the handicapped. It's not like he wasn't warned that progessives can no longer always get away with such public displays of blatant hypocrisy. Obama made a similar "Special Olympics" gaffe about his bowling prowess on the Jay Leno TV program in March 2009 and was then forced to publicly apologise. Will Chiat or The New Republic now have to do likewise?

But is it possible that at least one thing stupider than being stupid whilst calling other people stupid, is quoting the stupidity of the person being stupid whilst calling someone stupid ? Now this is getting really stupid.

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