01 October 2009

Earthquake tsunami floods explosion

Amidst the current surge of disasters in our region with tsunami in Samoa, quakes in Sumatra and floods in the Philippines, which provide more incontrovertible signs of the impending and inevitable Anthropogenic Continental Drift catastrophe, there is some good news for the Federal Labor Government.

This disaster deluge has provided the cover necessary to release the long awaited results of the NT Police investigation into the deaths of five asylum seekers in April 2009. You remember this don't you? The media was playing out its carefully crafted narrative that these desperate boat people were all tragic victims of turmoil in far away places who required our sympathy and support not hostility and rejection. The increase in their numbers arriving here was not due to a perceived softening in the Government's stance, but to heightened troubles in the world.

And then there was an explosion on a Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel. It burnt to the waterline killing five refugees and injuring twelve, whilst under tow by the Royal Australian Navy. The early indications then were that it was self destructive act of sabotage by the asylum seekers. But before this narrative busting fact could take hold whilst fresh and new, the Federal government went into overdrive to declare that the full circumstances were too complex to determine. A full enquiry by the NT Police was to occur and they, the Labor Government, would have nothing to say until the NT police reported.

Well here we are five months later on 1 October and the Police report is in:

"A BOAT that exploded killing five suspected asylum seekers and seriously injuring dozens more off the Territory coast was deliberately doused in petrol and set alight. Northern Territory Police - who headed the investigation into the blast - have revealed on completion of their investigation into the fatal blast that the explosion was a result of sabotage."

So the early indications were right all along. The press didn't need to be muzzled after all. Is the Government going to comment now? Or will they be "cautious" about rushing to judgement again and await the outcome of coronial inquiry. The SMH report:

"The Northern Territory coroner, Greg Cavanagh, will hold an inquiry into the explosion early next year. "

So if the inquiry starts next year it could be even be able to publish its findings as soon as 2011. We can all wait 'til then I guess. Meanwhile.

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