10 February 2021

Less screen time and more outside-play time? Unplug...

Perhaps to help stop technology destroying us we might each day seek to unplug. Say...

Leave your mobile on the bench today,

become unplugged, yes, tablet free,

go out the opened door to play; 

touch, taste, sing and see.

Be beguiled by beckoning birdsong,

brace brazenly 'gainst the blust'ring breeze,

bypass business and the bustling throng,

bend time, slow space, incept brain freeze.


Shift slimy sand from sandalled soles,
smear sweated skin with sunscreen oil, 
slide seaweed strands through swimsuit holes,
succour savoured scents of sea and soil.

Wonder at the wideness of the world's night,

wistfully wander where there's no walkway,  

plunge dark pools and rise up to light,

then wake to silently laugh out loud, OK?


Technology is impotent to destroy such doggerel from deep in our souls.

So threalm on. 

Less blogging and more jogging and snogging 'til we've pulled out of this tech death spiral. OK? 


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